Thursday, January 22, 2009

I was dreaming about being at the Titanic museum. Hub and I just walked into the Captain's place. It seems you are on the deck, side of the ship, a million stars in the sky, the air is cold, and you can enter the room where the navigation takes place. I was looking at the stars, and commenting (as I had) about how beautiful and realistic it looked. Then I woke. I opened my eyes to darkness, but my head was by the window & I could see a sky-full of stars. It was a surreal feeling. Not fully awake, and trying to decide, for those few seconds, if I was still dreaming.

Discomfort & some pain is what brought me back. My hand tingling, back hurting, shoulder and knee aching that deep ache that is annoying beyond measure. I groggily eased up, dropped my feet over the bed, and did some stretching that is supposed to help my back. (I think the doc just tells you this to give you something) LOL

I slid my feet into my camo slippers, pulled on my fire engine red fluffy robe, and shuffled in the kitchen to make coffee. It's days like this, when the pain is bad, and there is not much I can do about it, that I feel old. When standing to do dishes, makes my legs go numb & lower back scream in protest.

After digging through endless baskets, I located the RA meds, and took one. Then feeling my knee, noting the heat in it, I took some aspirin, hoping to give the other meds a boost in ridding my body of inflammation. Halp! I am inflamed!


  1. I am sending you a gentle hug, girl......

    What an amazing dream and sky that you awoke to, sorry it was pain that came shortly afterward......

    I am fascinated by the Titanic....I think because of the enormity of tragedy that it encompasses, I feel it.....

  2. This is the third time I've tried making a comment. It keeps telling me I need to sign into Wordpress first and I am signed in. It's very frustrating because then when I move or go anywhere, my comment is lost.

  3. Next time you go by a Pawn Shop go in and see if they have a coffee pot with a timer on it. That way the coffee will be waiting on you instead of the other way around.

    I get 600mg Ibuprofin from the VA, plus some anti inflamitories and of course sleeping pills. I don't use any of them often though.

    PS: Hey... why all the extra steps to post a comment here?!

  4. Sorry, Joy.

    And mssc, I changed a setting, maybe that will make it easier??

  5. Sorry I sounded like a bitch. It's just that I kept trying to make a comment and it wouldn't go in. Wouldn't you know that this one did! Mssc is having the same trouble??? I like wordpress the best because of this. It's so easy without all that filling stuff out. Not once, ever, has my first attempt here worked. How come you switched blog servers? To be honest, this is why I don't make many comments.