Friday, January 23, 2009

Final Post

Do to many complaints about having troubles leaving comments, and my own problems with this format, I am going back to the other server.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience, but the purpose of this blog is to interact with friends, and it was much easier to do over there. I hope you will follow. And I promise, no more moving.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I was dreaming about being at the Titanic museum. Hub and I just walked into the Captain's place. It seems you are on the deck, side of the ship, a million stars in the sky, the air is cold, and you can enter the room where the navigation takes place. I was looking at the stars, and commenting (as I had) about how beautiful and realistic it looked. Then I woke. I opened my eyes to darkness, but my head was by the window & I could see a sky-full of stars. It was a surreal feeling. Not fully awake, and trying to decide, for those few seconds, if I was still dreaming.

Discomfort & some pain is what brought me back. My hand tingling, back hurting, shoulder and knee aching that deep ache that is annoying beyond measure. I groggily eased up, dropped my feet over the bed, and did some stretching that is supposed to help my back. (I think the doc just tells you this to give you something) LOL

I slid my feet into my camo slippers, pulled on my fire engine red fluffy robe, and shuffled in the kitchen to make coffee. It's days like this, when the pain is bad, and there is not much I can do about it, that I feel old. When standing to do dishes, makes my legs go numb & lower back scream in protest.

After digging through endless baskets, I located the RA meds, and took one. Then feeling my knee, noting the heat in it, I took some aspirin, hoping to give the other meds a boost in ridding my body of inflammation. Halp! I am inflamed!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just One Thing

Isn't that lovely? Inviting? Wouldn't it be great to just sit there alone, stare out over the water, and ponder the meaning of life? By the way, if one of you ever finds the meaning of life, please email with a cheat sheet. The best lead I have so far came from Curly in the movie City Slickers - "One thing. Just one thing. You stick to that and everything else don't mean shit." What one thing, Curly? "That's what you have to figure out".

Was that Greek??? I hate those puzzles that we are supposed to figure out. And then he up & died without ever letting us know! How cruel! The tease. Oh well. Back to wandering aimlessly and trying to make sense of life.

What is your one thing?

Monday, January 19, 2009

I Think I May Be Dying

Okay, not really. But I've got a terrible tummy ache, and feel like puking. You're sooo glad I shared, aren't ya? Now before any of you decide to leave smart comments about me being pregnant - that is not a possibility. I became pregnant, almost died (seriously this time) and lost a little girl in 2000. They spayed me. Can't have kids unless it is some kind of miracle.... or a curse. Hmmm.....I don't know if I ate something that didn't agree with me, if I have caught some kind of bug, or what. But I feel like road kill. And you know what? It PISSES ME OFF!

I showered this morning, did my hair & makeup, set out nice clothes to make Ricky swoon over me & sing Babalou. I was going to be sexy Lucy. Not silly, goofy, clumsy Lucy. But, juno wha? Eet iz not goin accorting to plan. *sigh* Maybe I am more like Lucy than I thought.
I have hair & makeup that scream "sex kitten" (maybe sex cat Lord knows I'm far past the kitten age), but I'm in a T shirt and shorts, trying to be comfortable, and keep from barfing. Why me? Why? What have I done to anger St. Whoever of The Stomach? (yes, Catholic schooling has me feeling this must be some type of penance for some sin I committed) LOL

I'm going to lay down now. Or to the bathroom. I'm undecided.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

News From The Compound

Middle-Aged, Overly Emotional Mom RecoversAfter a recovery time of less than 48 hours the woman in question, who refused medical treatment, is on the way to a complete recovery. The drainage from her eyes magically stopped. The chest pains are gone, and she is smiling again. A fast recovery from baby-getting-married-itis.

>Husband's Life Is No Longer In Jeopardy
The constant singing of "Going to the chapel" is not having the same effect it was during his wife's 48 hr illness. The threat of bodily injury has passed though his motives for testing his safety are still being questioned.

Local Job Market Improves
A displaced hillbilly & a Cherokee indian have found work, or rather - it found them. Two horses that were acquired by compound owners have been declared hay burners & ordered sold at the local auction. Hillbilly & Indian will spend the next week working with the mare & gelding, in preparation for their appearance at the auction.

Adoption Process Put On Hold
An empty-nester, and rabid animal lover had been researching the possibility of adopting an unwanted "wolfie" from a local haven. Wolfies are wolf hybrids, usually mated with a German shepherd, Malamute, or Husky. Sadly, the owners soon realize these animals not only outgrow their homes, but are also enough of a wild animal, that they send them to shelters. Having raised a variety of orphans from the wild kingdom, Empty-nester wanted the chance to save one of these beautiful creatures from being put to death. In an interview this morning, Empty-nester stated that she needed to build a 25x25 foot enclosure, with at least 8 feet tall chainlink. So plans are on hold, until arrangements can be made to accommodate.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Right & Left

Awhile back, through my sister's blog, I came across the link to The Pretty Peacock
I'd been searching for a custom jewelry maker, because I desperately wanted a bangle with "my" saying on it. The words a friend repeated to me over & over, which got me through so much, and made me keep trying. This is the result.

"Dance like no one is watching, love like you have never been hurt...."

She stamped it all around the outside, and inside. It is gorgeous, and I couldn't be more pleased! Incredible craftswomanship. Check out her site!

That's for my right wrist. For my left.........

I've been having an RA flareup . Yeah, I haven't mentioned it, as I've not been in the mood to whine. Too much. LOL Anyway, years ago, not long after I was diagnosed, my right hand would go numb. Basically the same idea as carpal tunnel, and the doc actually said the surgery would help. It did. Haven't had near as much trouble from it since.

My left pinkie and ring finger have been numb for about a week now. I took aspirin, and tried to ignore. Sort of spreading into my middle finger now. I've been dropping things, and having trouble "controlling" my hand - if it is something that requires the least little bit of precision.

So, I called the doc back in my old home. I got the warnings of, if it isn't taken care of & I keep using it, that can cause further nerve damage. Duh. I know this. But "taking care of" requires either ridiculously expensive meds, or surgery. When I win the lottery, I'll set up an appointment! LOL His only other suggestion, was to try this brace. With a metal bar running down it.

Frankly, I like the ornament for my right arm, much, much better.

Our D...i...v..o..r..c...e

This subject has been on my mind a lot recently. No - I am not getting a divorce. LOL I am having to deal with children of divorce & the crazy ex wife, and am also handholding another lady who is in the process.

I have been divorced once. I know there are good reasons to divorce, rather than continue to stay together & rip each other apart. So, I'm not knocking it, or saying it is always a bad thing. Sometimes, it is the best thing. With that said, people need to think about the ones who can be hurt the worst from it, and tread softly.

Your kids. Stop looking at one another with hate. Stop trying to win. Stop using everyone and everything as your pawn. You say that you love your kids more than anything? Prove it! Be the adult, and leave the kids out of the process & aftermath, as much as possible. The best thing you can do for your kids, is encourage them to love the other parent. You know why? Because otherwise, that child will grow up feeling they have to chose. And you know what? As terrible a spouse as your ex might have been - that doesn't negate their ability to be a good parent. We divorce our spouses, not our kids.

Just because you, or your spouse, failed in the marriage, does not give you, or them, the right to make your kids pay for it. These kids were made in love. Remember that? Once upon a time, you loved your ex. They were brought into this world because of that. Why is it so damned hard to give that gift to your children? To not focus on the negative, but on the positive you had with the other parent? To remember & share with them the good times. So they can grow up into well adjusted adults, instead of a statistic for how screwed up children of divorce are.

Here's a mental picture for you.

The choice is yours.