Monday, January 19, 2009

I Think I May Be Dying

Okay, not really. But I've got a terrible tummy ache, and feel like puking. You're sooo glad I shared, aren't ya? Now before any of you decide to leave smart comments about me being pregnant - that is not a possibility. I became pregnant, almost died (seriously this time) and lost a little girl in 2000. They spayed me. Can't have kids unless it is some kind of miracle.... or a curse. Hmmm.....I don't know if I ate something that didn't agree with me, if I have caught some kind of bug, or what. But I feel like road kill. And you know what? It PISSES ME OFF!

I showered this morning, did my hair & makeup, set out nice clothes to make Ricky swoon over me & sing Babalou. I was going to be sexy Lucy. Not silly, goofy, clumsy Lucy. But, juno wha? Eet iz not goin accorting to plan. *sigh* Maybe I am more like Lucy than I thought.
I have hair & makeup that scream "sex kitten" (maybe sex cat Lord knows I'm far past the kitten age), but I'm in a T shirt and shorts, trying to be comfortable, and keep from barfing. Why me? Why? What have I done to anger St. Whoever of The Stomach? (yes, Catholic schooling has me feeling this must be some type of penance for some sin I committed) LOL

I'm going to lay down now. Or to the bathroom. I'm undecided.

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  1. I sure hope your feeling better today. It's finally above zero here so I'm heading out for some good fresh air.