Sunday, January 18, 2009

News From The Compound

Middle-Aged, Overly Emotional Mom RecoversAfter a recovery time of less than 48 hours the woman in question, who refused medical treatment, is on the way to a complete recovery. The drainage from her eyes magically stopped. The chest pains are gone, and she is smiling again. A fast recovery from baby-getting-married-itis.

>Husband's Life Is No Longer In Jeopardy
The constant singing of "Going to the chapel" is not having the same effect it was during his wife's 48 hr illness. The threat of bodily injury has passed though his motives for testing his safety are still being questioned.

Local Job Market Improves
A displaced hillbilly & a Cherokee indian have found work, or rather - it found them. Two horses that were acquired by compound owners have been declared hay burners & ordered sold at the local auction. Hillbilly & Indian will spend the next week working with the mare & gelding, in preparation for their appearance at the auction.

Adoption Process Put On Hold
An empty-nester, and rabid animal lover had been researching the possibility of adopting an unwanted "wolfie" from a local haven. Wolfies are wolf hybrids, usually mated with a German shepherd, Malamute, or Husky. Sadly, the owners soon realize these animals not only outgrow their homes, but are also enough of a wild animal, that they send them to shelters. Having raised a variety of orphans from the wild kingdom, Empty-nester wanted the chance to save one of these beautiful creatures from being put to death. In an interview this morning, Empty-nester stated that she needed to build a 25x25 foot enclosure, with at least 8 feet tall chainlink. So plans are on hold, until arrangements can be made to accommodate.


  1. Married? Damn I have been away! Girl... I have some SERIOUS catching up to do! Man! And no warning to invest in kleenex corporation or anything! Damn.

    *Puts in word with adoption agency on your behalf*

  2. LOL, Amber. Don't feel bad. I been RIGHT HERE, and it still shocked me! LOL

  3. Those Wolfies get HUGE! I can't think of one good reason to mess up a wolf or GermanShephard.

  4. Yes, they get big. Which is why I have to get kennels, and make accomodations so they have room, and can't escape, before adopting one from death row. :(